971 Podcast 

971 is more than just a UAE area code. It's a new ICCA podcast that aims to give you 9 minutes of inspiring conversations during the 7 months leading up to this 1 big event: the ICCA Congress — 20 to 23 October, 2024.

On every episode, we’ll provide essential information about the issues that matter most to meetings and associations professionals. Topics include business trends and growth, technology and innovation, sustainability and environmental impact, and cultural awareness and social impacts.

We’ll also cover updates on our host city, Abu Dhabi, and key business and connectivity updates on the city known as “The Crossroads of Business Opportunity.”


24 April 2024

Manuel Rabaté - Culture & Creativity

Manuel Rabaté, Director of the Louvre Abu Dhabi since 2016, oversees all aspects of the museum's operations and activities. Under his leadership, the museum attracted +1M visitors in its initial year, ranking it as the 77th most visited museum globally in 2018. A featured guest on the second episode of the 971 Podcast, Rabaté delves into discussions surrounding creativity and culture and explores how innovation and collaboration are pivotal in fostering success, offering insights on:

   The role of creative vision in the development of cultural institutions.

  Strategies for enhancing visitor engagement and expanding cultural impact.

  Examples of successful collaborative projects that have shaped Saadiyat Island, Abu Dhabi's premier cultural district.


27 March 2024

Julius Solaris - Business & Trends 

Julius Solaris,  an industry influencer, events and media advisor, and founder of events consulting company Boldpush. A keynote speaker at the 63rd Annual ICCA Congress in Abu Dhabi, Solaris lends his invaluable expertise to the 971 Podcast with discussion including: 

  Identifying specific trends that are shaping the business world today and offering insights on how these trends can influence growth. 

  Practical advice on leveraging trends for business advantage. 

  Case studies and examples of businesses that have successfully capitalised on current trends. 

   Practical tips for businesses to adapt and thrive.

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29 August 2024


 25  September  2024

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