ICCA is the global community and knowledge hub for the international association meetings industry. With a 60 plus year history,  we are a global leader in the association industry with over 1000 members from 100 territories and countries. We believe by sharing knowledge and building trust, we can help our industry realise its full potential as the drivers of positive change, both in business and in society. 

ICCA Core Values

Business focusrecognising and facilitating opportunities for our members and helping them achieve their objectives.

Advocacywe drive critical discussions around innovation, legacy, DEI, and sustainability, providing platforms for local, regional, and global dialogue. We also speak with policy makers to promote the societal and economical impact of our industry.

Collaborationwe actively engage and provide a platform for participation for members, clients, and industry partners. 

Culturally aware and respectful we are fully committed to being a trusted and inclusive association, appreciating and reflecting the uniqueness and diversity present within our international community. 

What is it about ICCA Congress?

The annual ICCA Congress is the highlight of the ICCA calendar. It can be said that all roads lead to Congress. It is something we take tremendous pride in staging and presenting to our members, and the watching world. The Congress takes months of meticulous planning so we deliver an outstanding event, worthy of the generous support our members give us. 

Congress is a time to meet, share, and establish better working relationships with colleagues from across the globe. The relationships built, the conversations had, stretch across borders and time zones.

So come and join us in Abu Dhabi. Come and see the full scope and potential of what’s going on in our industry in one imaginative, thought-provoking, innovative experience. Come and actively participate in a global event that is dedicated to changing and shaping the way we think and do business events.

We guarantee the 63rd ICCA Congress will be the most ambitious one we’ve ever staged.

Take a look at the ICCA 62nd Congress 2023 highlights video

We met in Bangkok  last November and celebrated the power of “ It starts with us ”. Here's a reminder of four amazing days. 

 1136+ Attendees worldwide

 80 Countries  

 86 Associations 

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